The VRTB Pilot Scheme

The Autumn Statement 2016 announced 

that the Government would fund: 

A large scale regional pilot of the Right to Buy for housing association tenants confirmed that this pilot will take place in the Midlands. It will begin in 2018 and last for one year. 

Your Voluntary Right To Buy

The government intends to proceed with a large-scale regional pilot of the Voluntary Right to Buy (VRTB) across the East and West Midlands from July 2018 for an initial 12 month period. A pilot, where there is a range of different housing markets, will provide more information to the government before the scheme is launched nationwide.
We are keen to explore how elements of the VRTB will operate as some of these are vital in boosting the nation’s housing supply.
We will work closely with everyone involved across the pilot area, building on the learning from the original pilot to ensure we can continue to deliver for our residents.

Due to the preparations for Brexit this has been a priority for all government departments, which has caused delays for many activities including VRTB.
The long-awaited large scale pilot of the Voluntary Right to Buy for housing associations launches across the Midlands Funded through £200M from the Treasury, the trial will allow tenants across the region to purchase their homes at a discount equivalent to that available to council tenants.

Once we have more information on the plans for the VRTB we will provide further information to you. If you have previously registered your interest in the VRTB we still have your details and we will contact you.
We'll keep you updated.

Applications for the pilot will be allocated through a ballot, with the government saying this would “ensure fairness and manage interest within the funding available”.Tenants have only one month from today until 16 September to apply for the draw and if selected will have until spring 2020 to complete their purchase.

The government said it will “assess the impact of the pilot before deciding on the next steps for this policy” meaning it will not need to address the question of full roll out until at least 2020. We'll keep you updated.
It's been suggested that there might be another Voluntary Right to Buy been announced by the Ministry of Housing Communities. I'ts been reported that the government are thinking of a second ballot of the Right To Buy following an unexpectedly low turnout of the first ballot. However the level of tenants who were awarded an unique reference number (URN) which was 6000 didn't contact their Housing Associations about purchasing their homes within the required time frame.

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  1. Where is the box to tick so that we know you will not spam us to death or pass our details onto a third party?

  2. What is going on, ? When are we going to hear exact start dates and participating housing associations ? Soooooooo tired of being kept in the dark.

  3. Feel so let down by the Tories. Four years is to long for a promise of 100 days, to come to fruition. This is our only chance to provide security for our family. National Roll Out Now!

  4. Its becoming an absolute joke. The right to buy team , on several occasions have stated that the RTB scheme will never be fully rolled out, that it will only be pilots in different areas. Whats going on? we are being told there is a weal uptake, that another ballot will be happening, yet left in limbo. Disgrace. I know of tenants that received their URN but were never intending to purchase there property. This has been a absolute joke from start to finish. Tenants should have been required to obtain a mortgage first, ensuring that the affordability was there, before issuing them with a URN.

  5. The government keep saying that the second pilot has not had a very good uptake. This is so untrue. There are thousands of us wanting the chance to buy our properties but the housing associations aren't allowing it. Futures housing group is massive across the country/Midlands and in the second pilot they only allowed 10 properties to be sold. As its voluntary, the HA are only selling stock from undesirable areas. In my area - ambervalley 170 were allocated numbers, I can only find 2 that have been allowed to purchase. This will never work voluntary as the HA cancel the bids they don't want.


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