The VRTB Pilot Scheme

The Autumn Statement 2016 announced  that the Government would fund:  A large scale regional pilot of the Right to Buy for housing association tenants  confirmed that this pilot will take place in the Midlands. It will begin in 2018 and last for one year.   Your Voluntary Right To Buy The government intends to proceed with a large-scale regional pilot of the Voluntary Right to Buy (VRTB) across the East and West Midlands from July 2018 for an initial 12 month period. A pilot, where there is a range of different housing markets, will provide more information to the government before the scheme is launched nationwide. We are keen to explore how elements of the VRTB will operate as some of these are vital in boosting the nation’s housing supply. We will work closely with everyone involved across the pilot area, building on the learning from the original pilot to ensure we can continue to deliver for our residents. Due to the preparations for Brexit this has been a p